Geometric Lace

Geometric Lace

Geometric lace continues to become more popular

Lace is still the go-to luxury fabric for bridal but, with so many designs, how are bridal designers making lace modern and up to date?  We can’t reinvent the wheel but there is a tangible shift towards geometric lace patterns. 

Though floral designs are still very much all-encompassing in bridal, geometric lace adds a modern ‘edge’.  We especially like the Guipure options and fabric laser cut designs that can deliver either a boho vibe or a crisp modern look.

Check out these four inspirational styles of geometric lace from Bridal Fabrics.


Philine: Ivory Corded Lace

Ivory Corded Lace – Philine

A recent addition to our product portfolio, Philine is a gorgeous non-floral lace. Onto a Raschel background, our designer has created a series of geometric shapes and bands, elegantly highlighted with cording. Matching fringed edges complete the look.


Daria: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Daria

Added to our collection just a month ago, Daria embroidered lace is already a big hit among our couture clients. Based on a sheer ivory tulle, this thoroughly modern lace features a complex pattern, with embroidery and cording working in perfect harmony.


Como: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Como

At once classic and contemporary, Como comprises a hypnotic repeating pattern that is elegantly embellished with sequin details. As well as ivory, this wedding dress material is also available in pink and green.


Gretel: Ivory Guipure Lace

Ivory Guipure Lace - Gretel

With a unique "Mackintosh" feel, this unusual fabric is characterised by bands of geometric shapes that alternate across its width. Matching scalloped edges frame this beautiful wedding dress lace.


Looking for more ideas and inspiration? Click HERE!

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