Dainty and Delicate Dress Fabrics Online

Dainty and Delicate Dress Fabrics Online

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There are plenty of brides who want their wedding gown to be as flamboyant as possible but just as many would prefer a more subtle and elegant option. This edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog has been written for the latter variety and in it we showcase a collection of wedding dress lace that features dainty and delicate repeating designs. The online fabrics featured in this blog are also perfect for crafting christening gowns and dresses for flower girls. 

Judina: Ivory Guipure Lace

Our online fabric store just wouldn't be the same without Judina, a divine bridal lace that is bordered by matching edges. This wonderful wedding fabric features a fabulously feminine design comprising abstract floral motifs, each of which is adorned with three petals. Smaller rosettes work harmoniously to create the finished look. 

Gordonia: Ivory Guipure Lace

Gordonia wedding lace online is made in the classic guipure style, which is always an absolutely gorgeous aesthetic choice. Its design of intertwined rosettes is at once delicate and striking, resulting in a mesmeric display that is hard to take your eyes away from! Gordonia is also noted for its impeccable drape. 

Francine: White Corded French Lace

Francine is a French lace that is part of our collection of eco fabrics. The material is made using viscose that has been approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and cotton approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). A pattern of flowers in a contemporary style decorates the design, which is enclosed by one scalloped edge and one straight edge. 


Juliette: Ivory Corded Chantilly Lace

Juliette is another eco wedding lace online and is also made using a combination of FSC-approved viscose and GOTS-approved cotton. Simple yet sophisticated, Juliette is a subtle choice that, like all of the bridal lace we carry, is best appreciated in the flesh.


Philippa: Ivory Corded Lace

A sumptuously soft ivory tulle is the base for Philippa ivory lace. Our designer has used their exceptional embroidery skills to render a repeating series of floral rosettes, highlighted to perfection with ivory cord. This pretty pattern is surrounded by scalloped edges that are identical to one another. 
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