A Bridal Designer's Journey

A Bridal Designer's Journey

Her at Bridal Fabrics we just LOVE it when we see our fabrics made up into beautiful garments. We love this boho wedding dress using embroidered lace Presley.
Her at Bridal Fabrics we just LOVE it when we see our fabrics made up into beautiful garments and especially when they are photographed being worn by happy smiling people!
We have so much respect for the creative process and the skill that goes into creating a bespoke wedding gown.  We're so lucky to have this journey shared with us by Aaron, the Lead Designer and Owner of Awaken the Moon LLC.
Here, Aaron outlines his journey with bride Brooke.  Admire the beautiful bride Brooke in her stunning dress as you read!
My name is Aaronn Richter. I am the designer behind Awaken The Moon llc. My bridal brand is Beneath The Willow. Website is wearethemoon.com My brand theory is that the moon is this entity of divine beauty, it is made of this world but it is separate and unique. It effects this world in unseen ways. Shedding its light and beauty during times of darkness, but also it’s gravity effects the oceans tides. We are all the moon in our own way. We just need to be made aware of our divine beauty and the gravity in which we effect those around us. Sometimes being that light in someone else’s darkness just by being present.
Beneath The Willow came about as I was deciding to leave David’s Bridal (as an alteration’s manager) and start my own brand. As I sat beneath the Willow in my backyard, watching the long budding tendrils flow in the breeze, the designs for my first gowns started to formulate.



Now this couple, Brooke and Jordan Lentsch, were a referral from a friend. Brooke went gown shopping, and struggled to find something she truly loved. When she came to me she had two or three gowns that she liked a part of. She asked if I could find a way to mesh these components together into the gown of her dreams.

Of course we could. So I sketched a couple things for her, and then sewed a basic block together out of muslin. When she came in next we discussed a couple directions, and then I had her put on the muslin block. The block was just a basic sleeveless bodice (like a tank top) sewn to a mermaid silhouette skirt with a train. While she was in it I pinned it to fit her, and then began drawing her desired style lines while it was on her. So she could see it come together in the mirror. She made some decisions about the placement, shape, and coverage of different elements. And then we cut away the excess. So she could see the dress she helped design.



From there it was all about finding the right fabrics. I searched high and low for the right lace. My local shops were running bare due to Covid hinderances. Online can feel like a no man’s land. Who do trust? What are you actually going to get when the Mail arrives? 



I would send her photos of laces and get her feedback. And then continue the search. When I found this lace, the Presley, I just knew. This was going to be it.  I sent her the photos, and she was elated. Her exact words were, “This lace is so perfect. It was worth the wait.”



I then had to find lace trim that would be cohesive with the Presley. It took a little bit of time. Mainly because I would match the color inside a store with fluorescent lights, get back to my naturally lit studio, and find the colors didn’t match at all. So I had to start asking shop owners if I could take samples outside to see them in natural light. 😂

The gown came together beautifully. It was already made to fit her, so no alterations were needed. Her now mother-in-law and sister-in-law came with to her final fitting. There were many joyous tears and glasses of champagne.



Seeing the joy of someone who feels like they are now the most beautiful person in the world, and knowing you had a part in them feeling that way. It’s a wonderful thing.

Aaronn D Richter
Owner and Lead Designer
Awaken The Moon LLC

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