Buying Fabrics Online

Buying Fabrics Online

Buying wedding fabric online is easy with Bridal Fabrics
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Whenever we make a purchase and whatever it is we're buying, we want to be sure that we're making the right choice. When sourcing fabrics online to create bridalwear or garments for any special occasion, it's even more important. That's why the team here at Bridal Fabrics work hard to make the experience of buying online as easy and informative as possible.

  • Words. Firstly, each fabric we supply has its own dedicated product page. On each page, you will find a full written description, which includes crucial details like the price and the width of the material.
  • Images. We have taken high-definition photographs of our fabrics (including full-width pictures so both edges can be seen) and placed them against a contrasting pink background so the design can be plainly seen. You can also zoom right in to each picture to reveal the smallest details.
  • Videos. Short YouTube videos of each fabric are available on each product page, allowing you to better appreciate the actual scale and handle of the lace. These videos also show the material in motion so you can get an idea of what it looks like when moving.
  • Fabric Samples Online. When you have used the above tools to find a fabric you really like, you can then click the 'Request a Sample' button. We will send your first two samples absolutely free with our compliments so you can see and feel your chosen material in the flesh.
  • Simple & Secure Ordering. When you are ready to make a purchase, just select the quantity you need and head to our quick, easy and secure checkout. Simple!

Here are two styles of wedding dress material to get you started in your search. 


Ivory Lace Online: Jacqueline

Ivory Beaded Flower Lace – Jacqueline

An ornately opulent lace fabric featuring symmetrical scalloped borders, Jacqueline has been described as 'modern yet timeless' by one very satisfied Bridal Fabrics customer. Laser-cut flowers and leaves made using the most delicate satin fabric have been embroidered onto the tulle with lustrous filigree thread, before being embellished with a selection of beads and pearls. Matching appliques are also available.



Satin Fabric Online: Splendour

Silk Satin (137cm/54" - Light Colours) - Splendour

One of the softest, smoothest fabrics we have ever encountered, Splendour is a 100% silk crepe backed satin with a truly luxurious drape. This exquisite wedding dress material is available in a huge range of colour options, from bridal classics like White, Ivory and Champagne to bolder, more daring choices such as Turquoise, Papaya and Amber.


If you have any queries or questions about our products then we're here to help so drop us an email or give us a call.  Enjoy!

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