Bridal Fabrics Wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Bridal Fabrics Wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Romantic wedding dress material inspired by Valentine's Day
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It's Valentine's Day in less than a fortnight and that means that love and romance is on everybody's mind. Some of those lucky, lucky people who are destined to find true love on February 14th will decide to tie the knot so there will be lots of newly engaged couples needing wedding dress inspiration!

Choosing wedding dress fabric is one of the happiest times for the just engaged bride to be. We’re in LOVE with these romantic bridal lace designs and we're sure you soon will be too...


Antonella: Ivory & Blush 3D Lace

Dentelle Ivoire & Blush - Antonella

Antonella wedding dress fabric is an unique and exciting addition to our portfolio. A selection of colored threads is used to create a dramatic design of flowers and leaves, which is embroidered onto fine ivory tulle, enhanced with lattice work and overlaid with organza. Many of the design elements are rendered in 3D and embellished with pearlized beads and translucent sequins. An ivory on ivory version is also available. Has to be seen to be believed so order a sample with our compliments!


Pixie: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Dentelle Brodée Ivoire - Pixie

Using a lovely, lustrous ivory yarn, our designer has embroidered a big, bold floral bouquet onto a base of soft ivory tulle. Laser-cut chiffon petals add to the delightful display, which is further enhanced with diamantes, beads and sequins to deliver a captivating sparkle.


Greer: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Dentelle Brodée Ivoire – Greer

Asymmetric edges frame this exultant yet tasteful design, with clear, colorless sequins adding a breathtaking shimmer. Try Greer embroidered lace in Black for an extra-glamorous evening wear look!


Philine: Ivory Corded Lace

Dentelle Cordonnée Ivoire – Philine

Geometric shapes and bands run across the width of this wedding dress lace, which perfectly embodies the recent trend for non-floral bridal materials. Philine has a Raschel base that features elegant cording and the fabric is fringed at both edges.


Browse our website now and lose yourself in a fabulous forest of fabric!

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