Onyx Silk Taffeta - Debutante

Onyx Silk Taffeta - Debutante

Onyx Silk Taffeta - Debutante

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We are happy to supply standard samples free of charge in 2 different qualities. This will be a swatched rectangle of fabric or lace, which is referenced for easy identification. Each subsequent sample is chargeable.

Approx sizes are as follows:
Lace – 20cm (8") x 15cm (6")
Fabric – 14cm (5.5") x 9cm (3.5")
Trim – 8-12cm (3"-5")

 A luxurious Onyx Green Silk Taffeta, which can be used in any type of dress making, whether it be wedding dresses, christening gowns, corsets, theatrical purposes or fancy dress. This measures 140 cm (55")and is available in a range of other colours.

We also offer a wider version of silk taffeta as Distinction.

Debutante is a smooth crisp fabric and is yarn dyed. This means that the colour is derived from the combination of the warp and weft yarns during the weaving process in India, rather than from being piece dyed afterwards. Colour woven fabrics often have a "shot effect" as opposed to a "solid" colour effect as would be expected in piece dying.

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