Navy Lace Trim - Kansas

Navy Lace Trim - Kansas

Navy Lace Trim - Kansas

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We are happy to supply standard samples free of charge in 2 different qualities. This will be a swatched rectangle of fabric or lace, which is referenced for easy identification. Each subsequent sample is chargeable.

Approx sizes are as follows:
Lace – 20cm (8") x 15cm (6")
Fabric – 14cm (5.5") x 9cm (3.5")
Trim – 8-12cm (3"-5")
A Corded Navy Lace Trim measuring 13cms wide

This lace edging measures 13cms (5.1") wide and is formed by a highlighting cording on top of an ivory embroidery thread. Our designer has formed a graceful floral themed design. Once edge is scalloped, and has 2 sets of scallops that repeat on 16cms (6"), whilst the other side has a much smaller scallop that repeats on 2.5cms (1")

Available in pieces of 13mtrs, 6.5 mtrs and by the cut length.

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