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Black Embroidered Organza - Wanda
Sale price £117.00 / metre
White Embroidered Organza - Wanda
Sale price £117.00 / metre

Supplier of cordate fabrics for making wedding dresses

Choosing the perfect fabric is already a significant step when considering creating an exclusive wedding dress. The most judicious choices are defined by criteria such as the desired structure for the dress, the desired fall, or the aesthetic or comfortable dimension that is privileged. And in terms of decoration, cords remain an excellent alternative to highlight wedding outfits.

Bridal Fabrics offers in this category fabrics sublimated by the cords that dress them. This finish brings relief, character and a lot of depth. Seamstresses who particularly like to create dresses that stand out for their different details will appreciate the finesse of the decorations and relative seams on these fabrics . The cords are made in multiple colors and shapes, and it's up to you to define the perfect fabric combinations for your needs.

Colours, shapes and renderings for your drawstring fabrics

In the wide range of cords that we offer, you will certainly find the ideal product to obtain the desired aesthetic rendering for your wedding dress creation project.

Sober and classic colors such as white, black, gray or beige remain the most common choices for making relatively conventional wedding dresses. It is still possible to bet on more exclusive colors, such as royal blue or pink. In practice, everything depends closely on the other textiles or accessories you want to pair with the dress you create. The cords can be braided with care, twisted for example. They highlight the details of the fabric in a unique way.

Quality textiles for your sewing projects

Cording can be an elegant finish of choice your bridal fabrics. For your bridal dress design project, Bridal Fabrics invites you to consult its catalogs to draw inspiration if necessary. Let your imagination run wild in front of the great diversity of beautification and textiles or lace that you can associate with the items in this category. Our customer service department is happy to take on the role of advisor to assist you in a judicious selection of the textiles and articles you need.

An experienced company at your service

Bridal Fabrics has years of experience in providing top quality textiles. We work with world-class manufacturers to provide our customers with the products that are literally being snapped up around the world. The most demanding designers place their trust in our team and testify to the availability of our customer service for each interlocutor.

Would you like to receive our first two free samples to be sure of your choice? Receive them for free, with the added bonus of our expert advice. And with regard to our return policy or free delivery offered from 500 euros, this is only a provision in accordance with our values and our primary desire: to fully satisfy you for all orders. Bridal Fabrics has been committed for years to the quality of the items featured our lace selection. We invite you to join the privileged designers who give us their total trust for the purchase of fabrics and embellishments used in the creation of bridal dresses.


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