Which Tulle to Choose for a Wedding Dress or Veil?

Which Tulle to Choose for a Wedding Dress or Veil?

In order to help with your selection for a tulle layer, over or under a wedding dress or trailing down from head to toe
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In order to help with your selection for a tulle layer, over or under a wedding dress or trailing down from head to toe, here's an informal guide to our tulle choices for your wedding.



Bridal Tulle for Veils (285cm/116") – Crescendo

One of our most popular chocies for veiling because of handle combined with price.  As a nylon based tulle it's great value for money and has a super drape because of its light handle and close knit.  Not exclusively for veils, this tulle looks great as a floaty outer layer on a dress. This quality is available in ivory, silk white and white. This tulle measures 295cms wide and can be washed at 40 degrees.



Illusion Stretch Tulle (140cm/55") - Illusionary

A fabulous chocie for stretch!  Anyone who wants to create an illusion neckline or illusion anywhere on a wedding dress or evening gown this is the tulle for you. Illusionary Tulle is a very fine, lightweight article with elasticated stretch in both directions. This fabric measures 140cms (55") wide and has a very soft handle and can be used in a multitude of different ways. The weight of this tulle is 28g/sm.



Ivory Silk Tulle (185cms/73") - Sensation

Just as the name says this wonderful silk tulle is just sensational. Made of 100% silk, this quality has a wonderful floaty, drapey quality with an open honeycomb knit. Available in ivory, white and black.  Sensation measures 185cms/73" wide and weighing 22grams (5 mommy) per square metre. It is also available at 370cms/146" as Phenomenon.



Coloured Tulle - Carnival (Light Colours)

This light and lovely tulle rivals Crescendo in terms of popularity.  It is a very light tulle with a close weave. It’s main  advantage is it is offered in a range of colours which have just been added to to include Antique Rose, Blush and Silver.  A soft knitted Polyamide Italian Tulle, that measures 150 cm (59") wide, which is available in 31 colours, and which has a weight of 19.5 gsm. Carnival tulle can be used for many uses from wedding dresses, over lays, ballet tutus, underskirts and petticoats to create. This product can be washed at 30 degrees.



Silk Tulle (185cms/73") - Furore

Furore is a 100% Silk Tulle, measuring 185cms (73") wide and weighing 22grams (5 mommy) per square metre. It has a firm handle handle which makes it ideal if you wanted a little shape or structure in the garment.  Hand washing at 40 degrees will reduce the resin used on Furore and soften the tulle to give it more drape.



Soft Dress Tulle (150cm/58") - Symphony

Is a soft net that’s slightly stiffer than chiffon or organza but looser, with a better drape than netting. It is sheer and light weight and is often used in the making of full skirts, veils and trains.  Our fabric is 132cms wide and is available in 4 colours.  This product can be washed but no warmer than 40 degrees.



Veiling Tulle (295cm/116") - Sparkle

A soft lightweight tulle measures 295cms (116") wide. The holes are diamond shaped and there is a enchanting sparkle effect to this product which would potentially give a wedding dress that extra glamour.  We stock this subtle sparkly quality in three colours: White, Cream and Ivory.



Silver Glitter Tulle (160cm/64") - Glitterati

An extremely popular glitter tulle to add some super sparkle to a wedding ensemble. An ivory tulle that measures 160cms (64") wide and which has been decorated with silver glitter.  The base tulle is a very light ivory/white. Dry clean only.



Dress Net (150cm/58") - Maestro

With a more open knit so a stiffer quality, Maestro would suit adding volume under a skirt or if you wanted to create ruffles on the outside of a dress. Maestro is classed as a medium weight Nylon Tulle and is available in 3 bridal colours - white, silk white and ivory.  This tulle meaures 145cms (57") wide and can be washed at 40 degrees.



Dress Net (150cm/58") - Fantasy

A stiff net that will give a skirt real volume, great for tutus and other structural pieces with a firm handle but not enough drape for a veil.  Fantasy is a Nylon Tulle or net with a firm handle that is available in white, silk white or ivory.  Fantasy is 145cms wide and can be washed at 40 degrees.



Ivory Small Spot Tulle - Pepper

A light weight ivory tulle with a small spot that measures 2-3mm (1/4") across.   Witha vintage feel to it, this tulle has some stretch/­elasticity across the width giving flexibility to its use. Measuring 150cms­/59" wide it is 40gsm and is made from 100% polyester.



Ivory Medium Spot Tulle - Spice

An alternative to Spice with a larger spot this is an identical weight ivory tulle.  The medium spot that measures 6-7 mm (1/3") across. As above, the tulle has some stretch/­elasticity across the width and measures 150cms­/59" wide.   It weighs 40gsm and is made from 100% polyester.



Flock Tulle - Fiesta

With tiny flock dots across the tulle, Fiesta is a lovely choice. The spots measure 3mm across and are spaced about 15mm apart.  Popular with milliners, 'dance moms' for ballet outfits and bridal designers of course, Fiesta measures 150cm wide and has been sourced from Italy. Available in five colours this delightful tulle is a versatile choice -Black, White, Champagne, Pink and Blue.



Black Silk Tulle (135cm/53") - Perception

A 100% Silk Tulle, measuring 132cm /53" wide and weighing 22 grams (5 mommy) per square metre. It has a lovely soft draping handle and is also available in ivory at a slightly wider width as Sensation. It can be hand washed at 40 degrees.


We also offer a selection of embellished tulles, for example Mission  - a soft tulle embellished with glitter offered in three colours; Twilight - a superb tulle lace fabric embellished with sequins and available in ivory, Champagne and Silver.  We also stock Donatella - a soft, feminine ivory tulle embellished with sequins, pearls, beads.

All of our tulles are in stock and available without minimum.  We recommend you order samples to see the handle and colour for yourself.  Please get in touch if you would like any help making your selection.


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