Wedding Lace Fabric: Old-School Romance

Wedding Lace Fabric: Old-School Romance

Try out some old school romance with this stunning wedding lace fabric
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In the flurry of preparing for all of the practical elements of a wedding, it's easy to forget the romance! You can bring back that much-needed, old-school touch with lace fabric that perfectly embodies romance and we here at Bridal Fabrics can help you to do it. We've picked out three lace styles that are consistent favourites among our couture clients so check them out and feel the love!


Katherine: Ivory Raschel Lace

Ivory Raschel Lace - Katherine

Matching fringed and scalloped edges frame this tasteful design, which simply oozes femininity. Floral bouquets adorn the body of the fabric, which has a mesmeric background created with the skillful use of differing sizes of weave. Also available in white or gold, this lace can be supplied with added cording as Bethany.


Alexandra: Ivory Beaded Lace

Ivory Beaded Lace - Alexandra

With asymmetrical scalloped edges, Alexandra lace fabric features heavy embellishment in the form of beads, cording, sequins and diamantes. The sparkling, shimmering look thus created has made this lace a firm favourite here at Bridal Fabrics and so it is now also available in a variety of different colours. For the perfect finishing touches, add the matching lace trim and appliques.


Ruth: Ivory Corded Lace

Ivory Corded Lace – Ruth

Another bestselling bridal fabric, Ruth has identical borders that are both scalloped and fringed. These borders extend well into the design, which comprises a sinuous, flowing pattern of floral motifs embellished with beads, sequins and the finest of cording. If you like this design but prefer less embellishment, try Rhonda lace fabric.


Bring back a sense of that old school romance with these gorgeous lace fabric designs, available right now at Bridal Fabrics!

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