Wedding Dress Material: Do YOU Dare to Bare?

Wedding Dress Material: Do YOU Dare to Bare?

Get the barely there look with wedding dress material from Bridal Fabrics
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All brides want to be the centre of attention on their wedding day and one of the biggest trends of coming seasons will certainly help in this regard! Daring, provocative and devastatingly sexy, the 'barely there' wedding dress is making big waves on the bridal couture scene.

In one of the biggest moves away from the traditional wedding gown, top designers are embracing sheer fabrics and flesh-toned linings to create the barely there look. One of the most exciting wedding outfits we have yet seen in this style is from luxury Spanish brand Provonias: covering just SIX percent of the body and embellished with 200 glittering Swarovski crystals, the bridal bodysuit turns every head in one direction.


Eclipse; Anti-Static Lining

Polyester Anti-Static Lining (148cm/58") - Eclipse (Lighter Colours)

Eclipse is a versatile, robust lining fabric perfect for creating exciting visual effects in the barely-there style. With a weight of 59gsm, the wedding dress material measures between 148cm and 150cm in width and is sold by the metre. More than 45 colours are available so it's easy to find the right tone for the nude look.


Mission; Glitter Tulle

Glitter Tulle (132cm/52") - Mission

An particularly fine and sheer tulle, which has an extremely tactile handle, is the base for this embellished wedding material. Clear glitter has been added to this base, creating a fairytale fabric that glistens and glimmers as the wearer moves.


We would love to see your barely there creations so please send them to us and, with your permission, we will include them in our online gallery. 

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