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Printed Silk Couture: Wedding Dress Fabrics

A showcase of couture printed silk wedding fabric
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Bridal Fabrics proudly supply our dress fabrics to a large, diverse and ever-growing number of couture designers, all of whom use the materials to create unique wedding gowns and other bridal garments. This edition of our blog focuses on five luxury fabrics from our collection, which are sure to create excitement among our couture clientele.

All of these wedding fabric designs are screen printed onto a quality silk base in Italy and are perfect for couture collections. They are available for immediate purchase and fast delivery from our online fabric shop.

Belissa: Ivory Printed Silk Organza

Ivory Printed Silk Organza- Belissa


'Belissa' is a name of Latin origin and simply means 'beautiful'; we think you'll agree that this is one of our online fabrics that definitely lives up to its name! The elegant Ivory organza features a lovely floral design across its generous 148cm width and has a regal drape that has to be seen to be believed.


Marcia: Printed Silk Satin

Ivory Printed Silk Satin - Marcia


The epitome of wedding dress fabric opulence, Marcia is a printed silk satin that made immediate waves as soon as it was added to our collection of fabrics online. Measuring 130cm in width, Marcia printed silk satin in wedding ivory boasts a dramatic display of rose flower motifs.


Massima: Printed Silk Satin

Ivory Printed Silk Satin - Massima


A bold and beautiful pattern of screen-printed floral motifs, rendered on a large scale, emblazons this fabulous silk wedding dress fabric. The pattern incorporates a variety of different, complementary Ivory tones. A decadent drape and sumptuous handle make Massima a truly luxurious wedding dress material.


Lavanda: Printed Silk Satin

Ivory Printed Silk Garza - Lavanda


We are extremely excited to introduce this stunning printed chiffon. Superlatively-soft to the touch and decorated with a dainty floral design of petite rosettes, Lavanda is a particularly feminine wedding fabric with a light weight that gives it an ethereal, otherworldly quality.


Jacquetta: Printed Silk Satin

Ivory Printed Silk Satin - Jacquetta


An enchanting option that features a thoroughly contemporary large-scale floral design, Jacquetta is unashamedly dramatic. The repeating pattern is rendered in two different tones and features plain areas surrounding it at either side.


All of these printed silk satins are best appreciated in the flesh so do not hesitate to order any two samples absolutely free with our compliments. 

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