Six Steps to the Perfect Wedding Dress

Six Steps to the Perfect Wedding Dress

Six Steps to the Perfect Wedding Dress for you
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To create a dress that is just for you and reflects your personality and style is so very special.  Here's a step by step guide of how a bespoke wedding gown is created between bride and dress designer.


Step 1

It's the Scout motto but be prepared!  Make sure you find a reputable designer who you trust and you've had recommendations about.  The relationship between you and your designer is very important so you need to be on the same wavelength and be comfortable in contributing  to the design process.  Do some homework too.  Know what suits you and the style of gown or look you want to achieve.  This may evolve over time but a few pictures or a Pinterest board of the kind of wedding gowns that appeal to you is a great starting point.


Step 2

The consultation.  This is where the design of the gown will emerge and fabrics, lace and trims will be discussed.  Take your time to feel the fabrics and play around with the deign, maybe changing the odd feature at this early stage so you are confident with the finished design.  Never be afraid to share your thoughts and ensure the dress you are creating expresses who you are as a person.  


Step 3

Toile and fit.  This is part of the creative process where you and your designer agree on the details of the design.  A toile is a simple dress shape that will be moulded to your figure.  This is where little adjustments are made to ensure the dress fits and suits you perfectly, enhancing the parts of your body you want enhancing and flattering your shape. Though this is often time consuming with pinning and re-pinning a part of the process, this is what is going to make your dress the perfect shape and fit for you.


Step 4

The first fitting.  From the toile stage your dress pattern will have been created, cut and constructed.  It's time to try on the dress and get a real feel of how you will look and feel on your wedding day.  At this stage the fit and length are checked and fastenings added.  Little adjustments can be made.


Step 5

The final fitting.  There may be other fittings in between but this last fitting is really a final check to ensure your dress is just perfect.  From this point you don't want your weight to fluctuate so it should be quite close to your big day.  There may be small adjustments to make and it's a good idea to try on your dress with any other bridal accessories you have chosen to really see how you will look and feel.


Step 6 

Collection!  Your dress will have been pressed or steamed and wrapped ready for you to take home.  If it's not included in the service offered, why not ask for you sketch design as a memento of this special process?  Your dress will be ready for your big day and you will feel confident knowing that the dress and its design are a reflection of you!

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