Only the Best Wedding Dress Lace

Only the Best Wedding Dress Lace

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Bridal Fabrics stock a huge array of wedding lace at our comprehensive online fabric shop, including a sumptuous selection of embroidered dress fabrics. Every bride wants to feel luxurious and fabulous on her big day and this edition of our blog showcases three styles of wedding fabric that we think are the crème de la crème. Regal and elegant, all three of these bridal lace options boast subtle sequin and/or bead embellishments.

Elke: Ivory Embroidered Lace


Elke is a fabric that is one of the most beautiful among our stunning selection of wedding lace online. It features a mesmerising pattern of swirling shapes which, accompanied by delicate floral motifs, create a truly breathtaking effect. The ivory thread used in the embroidered is enhanced with the use of Champagne-coloured thread to create gorgeous flowers, which are then embellished with an exquisite selection of beads and pearls. Occasional translucent sequins further add to the glamour credentials of Elke, one of our most delightful online fabrics. Crafted without borders and available in Ivory or Nude options, the fabric provides great flexibility when it comes to creative design. 

Taylor: Ivory Embroidered Lace 


Featuring a design of floral motifs rendered on a big and bold scale, Taylor is a fabulously-feminine option. Onto a base of premium Ivory tulle, our designer has used their impressive skills to create a vibrant, bustling pattern incorporating beautiful lattice work along with pretty garlands of flower buds which link the two matching scalloped edges together. If you want to be the centre of attention, then this stunning addition to our collection of fabrics online should definitely make your shortlist.

Pleasance: Ivory Sequinned Lace

Inspired by the golden era of Art Deco, Pleasance is an Ivory lace that is based on a soft tulle background. Our designer has expertly embroidered this with a graceful, eye-catching non-floral pattern, which is highlighted with classy cording and glittering sequin embellishment. Both sides of the lace are equally attractive, decorated with attractive embellished edges. We also supply this lace without the sequins: check out 'Charvi' on our website.  

Don't forget that you can order any two samples absolutely free with compliments of Bridal Fabrics!

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