How Long Does a Wedding Dress Take to Create?

How Long Does a Wedding Dress Take to Create?

A number of brides will come to us at Bridal Fabrics in order to choose their bridal fabrics and bridal lace for their wedding dress gown.
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A number of brides will come to us at Bridal Fabrics in order to choose their bridal fabrics and bridal lace for their wedding dress gown. They want to know the timescale for the process of getting a wedding dress and so Bridal fabrics have outlined things you need to do before the big day in regards to the wedding dress.

Ideally twelve months before the date of the wedding,  you should be deciding on a budget, style and colour of wedding gown. A great idea is to research a number of designers and stockists to see what styles are in  vogue as well as consulting your family and friends. You should then know your budget and style of dress you are looking for as well as colour and style.

Between eleven to eight months before you should be making appointments to try on your favourite dresses and research the most appropriate accessories, underwear and shoes . When you are at the appointments, make a note of the dresses which you like the best and the pros and cons of each design so that you do not need to rack your brains later on. You need to then think about the dresses and if you haven’t found one which you like then think about purchasing bridal fabric and having a dress custom made.

Next at the eight month stage, you should be able to either make a decision on the wedding dress you like and put down a deposit on this or confirm with a dress maker about the design of the dress and choose your fabric. Platinum Bridal Fabrics have a vast range of wedding fabrics, laces and appliques available for purchase either online, by post or from our factory. It is at the eight month mark where your dress either needs to be in manufacturing stage with a dress maker or confirmed with a wedding dress retailer.

Between eight months and 2 months you will be required to go to a number of fittings for your wedding dress and it is at these which you need to take with you your chosen wedding day underwear and also your shoes, accessories and other items so that the dress maker or dress fitter can see the required length of the dress with say your shoes on and those final touches can be made.

Three weeks before you should collect the dress; ensure at this stage it is fitted correctly and if it isn’t supplied with a cover then you need to take a cotton sheet with you to cover it over ensuring it doesn’t get dirty.

At this stage you should also find a dry cleaner that specialises in cleaning wedding dresses. You need to have an arrangement to get it dropped off after the wedding prior to your honeymoon so that it can be cleaned immediately.

One week before the date you should try the wedding dress on one last time and then resist the temptation of parading around in the dress because if there is any dust or dirt then this can lead to accidents. The day before you should remove the cover from the dress and then hang this up to air somewhere out the way where it will not pick up any smells. Check the dress at this stage for creases and steam any out depending on the material.

On the big day carefully put your wedding dress on, being careful of makeup and getting any other items such as food or drink on the dress. You should have the dress dry cleaned after the wedding and this should have been arranged as mentioned earlier.

Whether you have purchased your wedding dress from a shop or purchased fabric from say Bridal Fabrics then you should want to preserve it unless of course you are selling the dress. If you are keeping the dress then you can purchase special boxes which will help keep your dress in pristine condition for years to come.

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