Have it Your Way - Custom Wedding Dress Design

Have it Your Way - Custom Wedding Dress Design

Platinum Bridal Fabrics were recently thrilled to receive photographs of a customised dress designed by Amy Sung; we just had to find out more!
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All brides want to look unique on their big day and off-the-rack wedding dress customisation is becoming increasingly popular. Platinum Bridal Fabrics were recently thrilled to receive photographs of a customised dress; so beautiful was this garment that we had to get in touch with its owner, Amy Sung, to find out more.

Amy's fabulous dress is the result of many months of research, planning and eventual sewing. Deciding to take a risk, she ordered the Bettina dress from high-profile New York clothing company J Crew, without even being able to try it on. Amy describes this as a 'leap of faith' but felt that she had to have the Bettina dress thanks to its gorgeous back and unmatched drapey and floaty handle. When the dress arrived from the USA, its size was altered by local dressmaker Eve and Adam, before Amy finally took it home to customise it and make it her own.

Having studied Fashion at Northumbria, Amy was confident that she could customise the beautiful Bettina dress to her vision. Using Louisa lace from Platinum Bridal Fabrics along with chiffon, Amy carefully took apart the dress, replacing pieces with her chosen fabric to create the garment seen in these stunning photographs taken on the beach at Newton-by-the-Sea.

Louisa Chantilly lace is supplied in panel form, perfect for a customisation project like Amy's. With matching scalloped borders of swirling foliage that feature an eye-catching and dramatic depth of 50cm, this lustrous design features a small yet exquisite floral design in its body that is created with bright yarn to give a delicate and evocative sheen.

We asked Amy what had drawn her to Louisa lace. She told us: "I noticed it is the exact same pattern as the Kate lace Bridal Fabrics sell and that was used in Kate Middleton's wedding dress. I was sold by that! The Kate lace was just as beautiful but I really needed a fabric that was as wide as possible as I was using the lace for the whole skirt part of the dress." From leftover lace pieces, Amy created a range of unique decorations for the wedding venue.

When asked if she would recommend Platinum Bridal Fabrics, Amy said: "Yes, of course. They are helpful if you ever need help and advice in choosing a lace. I think anyone could find a lace to suit their style from Bridal Fabrics. I am quite thorough when it comes to finding the best value for money. I did spend quite a bit of time looking for lace online and ordering samples. Bridal Fabrics’ laces were competitively priced and they were very generous at giving samples."

We would like to thank Amy for sending in her photographs and her quick response to our return email. Platinum Bridal Fabrics wish Amy and her lucky husband health and happiness in their future lives together.

If you have made a wedding dress as equally stunning as Amy's custom creation, then we would like to hear from you. You could soon be featuring in an article such as this, which represents a valuable publicity opportunity for our trade customers.

For more information from Platinum Bridal Fabrics, please call 01254 873333 or send email to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

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