Glam Factor!!

Glam Factor!!

Glamorous wedding dress looks using sparkling lace fabrics adorned with beads, sequins, diamantes and glitter!

Glisten, glint, shimmer and shine – come out of lockdown with some glam factor, robing brides from head to toe in lustrous fabrics from glitter and sequins to dazzling beading and sumptuous brocades.



There are just so many different ways to secure some sparkle on the most momentous of occasions: marriage.  Firstly, the sequins have it! The credentials of sequinned fabrics are unquestionably glamorous and glistening.  Turn heads with an iridescent sequin fabric with a play of lustrous colours like those of the rainbow.  Create a showstopper with some sequins on a soft silk georgette fabric with fringe detail - very 1920’s Charleston or combine trends and choose a metallic colour sequinned fabric such as silver or gold for a leading look. 




Glitter is demonstrative of the appetite for a sparkly, glistening look and has emerged as a prevalent choice thanks to more advanced adhesive techniques that result in the glitter adhering to the fabric and not your hands and face.  The manufacturing techniques make this a cost effective option too.  Choices of designs abound from a tulle base with silvery sparkles in an Art Deco style or gentle waves that combine glitter and grace.  Lace also gets the glitter treatment so look out for glitter Guipure.




Bring on the bling with some sensational beaded fabrics. Strings of beads that swing ans swish as the wearer moves are a superlative choice for a glistening gown. Combinations of beads and sequins is the ultimate of glinting glamour but it doesn’t have to be an ostentatious choice. An ivory chiffon fabric embellished with abstract beaded motifs conveys sophistication. A subtle fabric with alternating columns of beads and sequins can look a shimmering sensation for saying ‘I do’. 

 Leave the embellishment behind and let the fabric do the talking… choose a lustrous or glossy fabric with a sheen that drapes elegantly and seductively over the bride.  Think of a luxurious satin, the face is smooth and lustrous so the light will bounce off of the fabric, creating an eye-catching look.  This soft, smooth fabric will slip over the bride’s frame in subtle, undulating waves.  Alternatively, go for a commanding queenly fabric such as a brocade. This decorative woven fabric is popular for couture. The weave of the brocade creates a look of embroidery and the silk ensures a supremely lustrous sheen. These sumptuous fabrics suit a modern silhouette such as a jumpsuit with sharp tailoring or a slip, sheath or column dress.  Feeling inspired? We hope so. 


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