Fantastical Flowers: Floral Wedding Lace

Fantastical Flowers: Floral Wedding Lace

wedding ivory lace with flower details
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Fashion designers have always taken inspiration from nature, with flowers being an especially popular source. This edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog presents a delightful collection of floral lace fabric for your delectation. Enjoy!


Lottie: Ivory Lace

Ivory Lace - Lottie

 An ivory wedding lace fabric featuring a decadent design of big, bold and supremely-striking rose motifs. The blooms and surrounding foliage are crafted with a luxurious chiffon material, producing a design with beautiful depth. Small, colorless sequins bring a magical sparkle to this sumptuous ivory wedding material.


Fortunata: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Fortunata

 Onto a base of ivory tulle, our talented designer has embroidered an eye-catching array of differently-sized flowers using special ivory thread. A number of the larger flowers are fabricated from georgette fabric in rich ivory, with clear sequins adding refined, subtle embellishment to many of the exquisitely embroidered elements. 


Allie: Ivory Embellished Lace

Ivory Embellished Lace - Allie

 Ideal for boho brides, this contemporary ivory wedding fabric is designed to make a splash. Featuring arresting floral motifs, which have been embellished delicately, the material has no defined borders. If ivory isn't your preferred color, you can also purchase Allie wedding fabric in Silver or Champagne.


Zapolski: Ivory Laser Lace

Ivory Laser Lace - Zapolski

 Fabulously feminine, this ivory laser lace has been crafted for brides with a sense of taste and refinement. The asymmetric pattern of Zapolski has to be seen to be believed so check out the video on its dedicated product page.


Bertrand: Ivory Floral Lace

Ivory Floral Lace – Bertrand

 The handle of this asymmetric floral lace is so light and airy that you might feel like you're about to start flying round the room when wearing it! Framed by edges featuring oval and geometric embroidery designs, Bertrand features translucent sequin embellishment along with 3D satin and chiffon fabric flowers.


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