Wedding Fabric: Chic Chiffon

Chic Chiffon: Wedding Fabric

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Chiffon is a translucent, diaphanous fabric that was first made in France. It is woven in a unique manner: S-shaped yarns are woven into Z-shaped yarns, creating a somewhat puckered fabric that has a beautiful textured appearance, making it ideal for creating a wide range of bridal garments. This edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog showcases a delightful selection of chiffon fabrics online.


Arden: Ivory Chiffon Lace

Ivory Chiffon Lace - Arden
Arden is a glamorous ivory lace with an unusual chiffon base and matching borders featuring differently-sized scallop details. A glorious pattern of flowers and leaves, rendered in exquisite guipure embroidery, decorates the background of this wonderful wedding dress lace. The tips of the flower-buds are not directly attached to the bridal lace, giving the fabric an amazing three-dimensional effect.


Whirl: Ivory Chiffon Trim

Ivory Chiffon Trim - Whirl

Whirl comprises a stunning chiffon fabric that has been cut on the bias before being over-locked on one side and hemmed on the other; this technique results in a gracefully-curved trim that can be easily used to create an amazing layered effect. Whirl is also available as an organza fabric. 


Serendipity: Polyester Chiffon

Polyester Chiffon Fabric (112cm/43") - Serendipity

Weighing an ultra-light 82 grams per square metre, Serendipity is one of our most attractive dress fabrics that is ideal as an overlay of for building up lots of lovely layers. There are 15 different colours to choose from including Teal, Navy, Black, Cream, Yellow, Blush, Silver, Purple, Antique Rose and Water Green.


Benevolence: Polyester Chiffon

Polyester Chiffon (150cm/59") - Benevolence

Benevolence is a wider version of Serendipity. There are also many more colour options available including Salmon, Light Blue, Pink, Fuchsia, Violet, Burgundy, Gold and Scarlet.


Delicacy: Silk Satin Chiffon

Ivory Silk Satin Chiffon (137cm/54") - Delicacy

Exclusively available in a beautiful wedding Ivory colour, Delicacy certainly lives up to its name as it weighs just 40 grams per square metre. One side of the fabric has a tactile satin finish while the reverse has a delicate, dainty crepe weave. Semi-sheer, this arresting fabric is vibrant and elegant, with a truly luxurious feel.


Tempest: Silk Chiffon

Silk Chiffon (114cm/45") - Tempest (Light Colours)

Made using 100% pure silk, Tempest is available in no less than 49 different colour options. Order a free sample from our online fabric shop today and experience its super-smooth and lustrous texture!


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