Duchess Satin: An Exquisite Wedding Dress Fabric

Duchess Satin: An Exquisite Wedding Dress Fabric

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For a truly luxurious gown a beautiful drapey satin fabric is sure to create an impact.  Duchess Satin is elegant and lustrous and is a heavier weight than other satins because of its higher thread count so creates a more deluxe finish.  Popular for weddings and evening wear, Duchess satin has been a favourite of Couture Houses and Royals.  It has a firm but soft handle with a wonderful body and weight.  Whether for the bride, bridesmaids, prom or evening wear, Duchess Satin is definitely a sumptuous choice.

We have a selection of Duchess Satins in our range and recommend that you order samples to appreciate and evaluate the quality for yourself.  From silk to polyester and more recently eco fabrics, we have a superlative range to offer.


Contessa is an extremely popular heavy Polyester Matt Duchess Satin, measuring 148 cm (58") wide, that weighs 288g/sqm and is available in a great range of colours.
For a beautiful, luxurious look that holds its drape this fabric has maintained its place as a best seller in our range for many years.  With a smooth satin finish of an attractive sheen, the colours are favoured for bridesmaids, prom dresses and also mother-of-the bride.  For a traditional wedding dress we offer this fabric in ivory and white.

This fabric is woven and dyed in Japan and is made from twisted yarns, which result in a highly dense weave and a “non snag” performance. Contessa has a firm handle and a very rich appearance. It is perfect for corsets, waistcoats and full gowns as it maintains its shape during wear. 


Royale is a luxurious Silk Duchess Satin that is available in Ivory or White.
This fabric measures 137 cm (54") wide and has a beautiful rich handle that can only be appreciated with a sample and weighs 27 m/m.

It is a true duchess satin offering good structure.


Talent is an opulent ivory duchess satin which is 70% silk and 30% polyester, this measures 140 cm (56") wide. 
This fabric has a super smooth, rich and opulent handle and is woven in Italy. 

This fabric is 120 gsm.



Secret is a wonderful Italian Ivory Duchess Satin, that measures 140 cm (55") wide, which is made out of recycled polyester yarn produced from recycled plastic bottles and therefore perfect for the eco conscious bride.

Woven in Italy, this beautiful fabric is 45%  Recycled Polyester 55% Virgin polyester.  This satin has an incredibly smooth handle and we recommend ordering a sample to see the quality of this eco fabric option for yourself.  This weighs 175gsm. 



Supreme is a luxury Polyester Duchess Satin with an extremely rich, silky handle, measuring 148 cm wide and available in a range of colours. Many people believe that this is a silk fabric until we tell them the truth. It is a heavy, luxurious warp faced glossy, (but not shiny) satin, with a soft smooth handle and wonderful drape, which makes it perfect to create full and beautiful dresses or skirts. It is principally used as the main fabric in wedding dresses as it flatters all shapes and looks so special. We recommend either dry cleaning or a 30 degree wash.  Supreme is in stock and available with no minimum order value or quantity.


If you would like any more information about these fabrics or any other products, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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