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Silk is quite rightly known as the queen of fabrics, for centuries associated with regal luxury. As silk fabric is in such high demand right now for on-trend brides and their entourages, we have put together a stunning selection of silks, polys, satins, crepes and mikados from our online fabric shop.

Splendour: Silk Crepe Backed Satin

Silk Satin (137cm/54" - Light Colours) - Splendour

With its truly divine drape and absolutely beautiful finish, it isn't hard to see why Splendour is our most popular silk satin here at Bridal Fabrics. Splendour crepe backed satin is an ideal option for bridesmaid and ball gowns as well as for wedding dresses and is the smoothest fabric you'll ever have the pleasure of touching. There are no less than 38 different colour options in this superb wedding fabric including White, Ivory, Red, Champagne, Turquoise, Strawberry, Indigo, Teal and Papaya.


Tantalise: Silk Double Crepe with Sand Washed Finish

Silk Double Crepe (110cm/43.3" Light Colours) - Tantalise

For pure, unadulterated and luxurious decadence, you'd be hard pushed to find a silk crepe better than Tantalise; just one touch and you'll fall helplessly under its spell! Super-soft and with a drape as tantalising as its name, Tantalise is sheen-free and feels fabulous worn directly next to the skin. Choose from more than 30 colour options including White, Ivory, Rose, Hyacinth, Coral, Coffee, Grape, Fuchsia and Silver.


Sublime: Silk Heavy Crepe Satin

Silk Heavy Crepe Satin (137cm/54") - Sublime

The absolute height of luxury among online fabrics, Sublime weighs in at a heavy, regal 40 m/m, making it ideal for large dresses that need plenty of structural support. Exclusively available in White or Ivory, this fabulous wedding dress material features one matte side while the other has a glowing, lustrous sheen.


Jamboree: Silk Blend Mikado

Silk Blend Mikado (164cm/64") - Jamboree

At 164cm in width, Jamboree is an especially-wide silk mikado that is perfect for projects where a large mass of fabric is required. Jamboree is characterised by a unique textured look and combines a rich handle with an exceptional drape. Available in Black, White, Blush and Dark Ivory colour options.


Charm: Silk Satin Organza

Silk Satin Organza (114cm/45") - Charm

Silk organza is very on trend right now and Charm will certainly fit the bill for brides with a real sense of fashion. It is a lovely warm shade of ivory and its stiff, springy handle makes it a superb choice for gowns with voluminous sleeves, allowing their structure to be easily maintained.

Don't forget that you can order any two samples of these superlative silks absolutely free with compliments of Bridal Fabrics. 

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