Beauty - 'Maria' Wedding Lace Takes Centre Stage

Beauty - 'Maria' Wedding Lace Takes Centre Stage

Your pictures and emails with your wedding gowns have been pouring in recently - and we here at Bridal Fabrics just can’t get enough of them!

This latest piece of sensational bridal beauty was created for bride Jessica by couture dressmaker Marie Guest and we think you’ll agree that it really deserves recognition. We got in touch with Jessica to tell us more about the story behind her stunning gown.

Jessica first discovered Platinum Bridal Fabrics through the recommendation of her dressmaker Marie, who has been a regular customer of ours for some time. Over several months, the pair pored over the many samples sent by us (and other companies - Jessica really did her research but found “the quality and service from Platinum Bridal Fabrics was by far the best!”) to find exactly the right design, which turned out to be Maria bridal lace.

A simple and understated base dress was transformed á la Cinderella to create a stunning lace bodice that, as you can see, made a bold and brilliant statement. Jessica told us that she had finally decided on Maria wedding lace as it was “a beautiful match to the colour of the base dress” and that it had the “warmth and subtle shimmer” that she knew would look perfect for her winter wedding.

Jessica also needed a robust lace so that the pattern had a good standout in the photographs - she can certainly tick that box! The final result “exceeded expectations” and Jessica couldn’t have been more happy or looked more beautiful on the day.

Maria bridal lace is stylish, balanced and richly defined with fine cording and striking metallic thread. Rose motifs alternate between two designs, each adorned with the most delicate embroidery, as the identical scalloped edges frame this exceptional wedding dress material. Maria is available in classic White and Ivory or in a complete rainbow palette of tones as part of our coloured lace collection.

Our sample service played a big part in helping Jessica to choose exactly the right fabric for her wedding day. She said that she would give Platinum Bridal Fabrics a “100% recommendation”, thanks to our “willingness to send samples, complete with information cards so that you can keep track of what you are looking at.” She added: “I even asked for multiple samples of the laces so that I could see to scalloped edges as well as the centre pattern. Their service, choice, quality and value for money is excellent.”. Aw shucks ma’am - just doin’ our job!

We’d like to thank Jessica and her designer Marie for kindly sharing their story and images, which were taken by talented photographer David Bostock. We’d also like to invite you to share yours - email Platinum Bridal Fabrics today and share the beauty of your most special garment with the world…

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