An Elegant Delight – Caroline Wears 'Alexandra' Lace

An Elegant Delight – Caroline Wears 'Alexandra' Lace

The traditional wedding dress shop isn’t for everyone, as discovered recently by bride Caroline.
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The traditional wedding dress shop isn’t for everyone, as discovered recently by bride Caroline. Before getting engaged, Caroline thought she would love wedding dress shopping but when the time came she, like many other brides, didn’t really feel comfortable with the high-pressure environment. Platinum Bridal Fabrics were happy to provide the perfect solution.

From the start, Caroline knew that she didn’t want an ordinary floor-length bridal gown and tried on several ready-to-wear styles. Nothing seemed exactly right and so the next step was to order a custom-made piece; unfortunately, this didn’t live up to expectations either with its poor-quality lace. Caroline here admits to being ‘a bit picky’ but promises us that she satisfied herself with a little cry, wasn’t a Bridezilla and didn’t throw any tantrums. Whatever gets you the right dress, do it -  that’s what we say!

As we so often hear in these stories, it was Mum who finally stepped in to save the day. Caroline’s mum is not a seamstress but was adamant that Caroline would have the dress of her dreams and began researching bridal lace online. After discovering Platinum Bridal Fabrics, Mum was ‘very impressed with what it was able to offer’ and a Saturday visit to our factory was arranged.

As soon as the pair (who, we must say, were like kids in a sweet shop together when choosing from our bridal lace!) found Alexandra lace, they knew it was perfect and we can honestly say we have never seen bigger smiles. Caroline tells us that choosing the lace with her Mum was a very special experience - ‘one I will never forget’.

Alexandra lace is exquisitely detailed and has an asymmetric weight of embroidery along its sides. This, along with the playful arrangement of sequins, was a key element of the elegant dress, which also used several metres of our ivory tulle on the skirt section. Mum, who had gone from having little experience in dressmaking to being a fully-fledged wedding dress designer in just a few days, got creative and was able to appliqué sections of the lace to the tulle skirt to expertly produce a mesmerising and magical effect that would have upstaged Cinderella herself. Well done, Mum!

We asked Caroline for a quick comment about her experience with Platinum Bridal Fabrics. She said: “I would thoroughly recommend Bridal Fabrics to anyone, the customer service was personal and could not have been better. My experience with the company was enjoyable from start to finish and I would be very happy to buy from them again.” Thanks Caroline; we loved having you and think your dress is a dream come true.

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