A Winter Wonderland of White Lace Fabric

White Lace Fabric: A Winter Wonderland

Classic white bridal fabrics online
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Along with ivory, white is an absolutely classic colour for wedding dress lace and never more so than in the Winter season. In this edition of our blog, we'll be showcasing a divine selection of white bridal lace to inspire you...


Fearne: White Beaded Lace

White Beaded Lace - Fearne

A firm favourite ever since it was added to our online fabric shop, Fearne is expertly embroidered with a delicate pattern of floral motifs. The design has then been embellished with sparkling sequins, atop which sit petite orb beads. Narrow, scalloped edges complete the design, which is also available as a navy or ivory lace.


Emma: White Guipure Lace

White Guipure Lace - Emma

One of our most stunning dress fabrics, Emma features a riotous display of large-scale flower buds, which are surrounded by leaves and smaller buds to give a uniquely-elegant balance.Both motif-scalloped edges are identical. Emma is also available as an ivory wedding lace online.


Amy: Soft White Chantilly Lace

Soft White Chantilly Lace - Amy

A perfect example of Chantilly wedding fabric and based on an open tulle, Amy is characterised by a plethora of closely-set floral motifs that are highlighted with classy cording. These corded elements are echoed in the fabric's dainty fringe. A matching edging is available that can be used to embellish your wedding dress or even wrapped around your cake! Also available in black or ivory.


Janine: White Embroidered Lace

White Embroidered Lace - Janine

Also available in ivory, Janine is a tulle-based fabric that has been embroidered with an attractive asymmetric design.It is a matter of simplicity to cut out the floral motifs to use as separate appliques


Naomi: White Flower Lace

White Flower Lace - Naomi

Absolutely unique among our extensive collection of online fabrics, Naomi features a flamboyant floral bouquet that includes a pair of raised flowers made from laser-cut material and studded with an large, eye-catching diamante. Heavily-embroidered leaves accent the pattern, bedecked with hand-sewn tubular beads and edged with mesmerising silver filigree thread.

The matching scalloped borders of Naomi bridal lace are a work of art in themselves; check out our video and order a free sample to see for yourself!

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