Bridal Fabrics USA

About us

Our company is based in the North West of England and have been manufacturers of woven and printed fabrics since 1932 when the business was established by the current President’s Great Grandfather. In the 80 years plus since then, the company has seen many changes but has always remained loyal to its belief in quality, good customer service and attention to detail.

Wedding Dress Fabrics was launched in 2010 when we started to offer a limited range of laces and plain fabrics to complement the brocade designs we weave in house. Our reputation has quickly grown and resultingly, we have continuously added to our range, now offering Laces, Trimsappliqués, crystal edgings, plain fabrics and many other products chiefly for making wedding dresses.

In 2015, the company employs 70 people across 2 sites and manufacturing and supplying a range of fabrics for bridal, neckwear and contract curtain markets.

We hope to open a showroom in New York within the next 12 months, but for the time being we send orders all over the world and especially into the USA by courier on a daily basis. We like to send samples to customer first of all as whilst we endeavour to make our photos as realistic and informative as possible, fabrics and laces are generally best seen and touched.

Our USA Sales Team in 2015:

Heather Whitfield

Heather has worked for the company for over 25 years and has considerable expertise across our range of Bridal Fabrics, Laces and Embel­lis­hments. Highly efficient and knowled­ge­able, Heather will undoubtedly give you a great service.

Arthur Fergus

Arthur joined the company in 2010 and has a wealth of experience in dress fabrics and laces with a particular emphasis on bridal qualities.

His expertise at product sourcing has proved first rate due to his knowledge of the Overseas market place.

Catherine Kay

Catherine has worked for our company for 9 years and provides great customer service.

Duncan Weisters

Duncan is the MD of DHJ Weisters Ltd and has worked in the business since 1998.

Having graduated from Durham University, with a degree in Economics with French, he now has considerable technical expertise across a wide range of different types of fabric and textile products.