Wrap up Warm with Faux Fur Fabrics

Humans have used animal fur as a clothing fabric for thousands of years, prizing it for both its warmth and beauty. In modern times, we have become more enlightened and realized that obtaining animal fur is unne­ces­sarily cruel; we invented faux fur so that the beauty of fur can still be enjoyed without causing harm to animals.

The major benefit of faux fur is obviously that it does not cause suffering but the fact is that the synthetic material is also much easier to care for, resisting staining and wear & tear. Now that winter, with its cold and unpleasant weather, is just around the corner, its an ideal time to consider faux fur to create wedding garments like muffs, wraps, boleros, shrugs and bridal capes.

At our online fabric store, we carry a delightful selection of faux fur bridal fabrics, all of which offer brides and designers the chance to create elegant, sophis­ticated and utterly-unique garments for a winter wedding. Be inspired by these fabulous styles of faux fur wedding fabric...

Faux Fur: Saluki

Our collection of faux fur wedding fabrics online opens with Saluki, a material with a truly wonderful handle that feels amazing against the skin. A luxurious option, Saluki is available in classic White and Ivory as well as an eye-catching Pink version.

Blush Fur - Saluki

Faux Fur: Husky

Next we would like to introduce Husky, an exciting option for brides planning a winter wedding. Husky is an alluring addition to our collection of online fabrics and there are four different colors available: Pink, Black, Beige and Ivory.

Pink Fur - Husky

Faux Fur: Borzois

Our premium option, Borzois is designed for the most demanding bride or designer. Exclusively available in a rich and majestic wedding Ivory color, Borzois boasts the most exceptional drape and a sumptuous, luxurious handle. Any bride wearing Borzois faux fur is guaranteed to feel like a queen.

Ivory Fur - Borzois

Faux Fur: Ermine

This faux fur fabric has a beautiful deep pile which belies its super-low price tag. Practically indis­tin­gu­is­hable from the real thing, Ermine faux fur has to be touched and felt to truly appreciate its superlative quality.

Ivory Faux Fur - Ermine

You can order any two samples of our faux fur fabrics without charge. To experience all for, please order a sample card from our website.

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