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Who is a Girl's Best Friend?

Every bride wants to sparkle on her big day and what better way to do it than with diamonds?! If you’re looking for the finest wedding dress material with that girl’s-best-friend appeal then you’re in the right place. Check out our lace with diamond shapes and glittering embel­lis­hments….

Ivory-Sequinned-Lace---AnyaAnya Ivory Sequinned Lace

Shimmer and shine is what you get with one of our bestselling laces: Anya. With endless beading and sequins which result in a heavily embellished diamond pattered lace. This is a statement lace, Anya also features bang on tread feather like threads.

This is a fantastic eye catching lace with will make a stunning dress. 

Ivory Beaded Lace: Barbara

This is for the bride who wants something a little (or a lot!) unusual. It features a host of beads, pearls and sequins which work harmoniously together to create a real gem of a fabric, eyecatching in a geometric style. The linking border is particularly attractive and this premium lace is designed for a bride with a taste for the magical.

Ivory Sequinned Lace: Maeve

This lace is so embellished that it is almost an embellishment in itself! Pale ivory sequins are used to form distinct groups, each with its own unique texture, that highlight certain areas of the material. These glistening sequins hang suspended in a net that is itself formed from a rich pattern of diamond shapes.

Crystal Embroidery: Aries

Generously-sized, this piece centres on a cluster of glistening diamantes which have been carefully shaped into an attractive floral design; all of the embroidery work is done by hand for that extra-special and unique touch. The main cluster is covered in fine tulle which gives an entrancing effect, made even more hypnotic with the skilful addition of filigree thread, pearls, tubular beads and a mixture of glorious sequins.

Crystal Trim: Genesis

Pearls and beads are packed tightly together on this wonderful embel­lis­hment, forming diamond shapes that are a dazzling sight to behold. These diamond shapes repeat regularly right along the length of the trim, highlighted with perfectly-placed diamantes for that extra bit of sparkle.

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