Which Gown Do We Want? ALL OF THEM...!

All the way from Northa­mpton­shire in England, we are extremely excited to introduce Natalya James to our USA customers - once you see what she can do with a piece of lace - you’ll never look back! Psst -  can you guess the secret of these gorgeous gowns? All will be revealed…

Lots of couture wedding gown designers choose to buy their fabrics from us, knowing that they will get exactly the same prompt, personal attention that our private customers do - along with the biggest, best and most diverse choice of wedding dress material to boot! One of those designers is the lovely Natalya James, who recently was kind enough to take the time to send in some photographs from a recent shoot, at which a choice selection of her unique creations was showcased.

We are delighted to be able to share these photographs with you here - all of these gowns (don’t forget their sneaky secret!) use one or more of our fabrics in their making and even we, who see wedding dresses at least five days out of seven, had to do a double take at just how good these gowns are. There are too many fabrics used by Natalya for us to mention as she is always in high demand but two of our favourites from this selection are

Ivory Corded Lace - Dawn

Ivory lace just never seems to lose its popularity and when it comes to floral designs then bigger is better! Dawn lace is hand-embroidered so you know every loop is perfect and you or your lucky customer will feel like a queen when you’re wearing it. This is a fabric with a secret - its very special fringe…

Crystal Dress Trim - Cygnus

Don’t stare at Cygnus for too long or you just might get hypnotised. A serpentine, winding and fluid design that feels totally futuristic is teamed with a classic and careful selection of pearls and beads, all brought harmoniously together with silver filigree thread. You are NOT feeling sleepy…!

You’ve waited long enough - the big reveal is here! With the exception of the 1950s gown, all of the others feature a special multi-wearable underlay which stays on while the overlay is whipped off and changed for a brand new look. Natalya, we think you’re a true genius!

See more of Natalya’s Work at www.­nataly­ajames.­com or visit our gallery and find our more about the fabrics she used!

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