Wedding Gown Trends: Believe in the Sleeve!

White and ivory wedding dress material are forever locked in a popularity battle for the #1 spot. In a similar way, long- and short-sleeved wedding gowns are always exchanging places at the top. Currently, designers seem to be preferring the long-sleeved look so here we look at three long-sleeve wedding dresses from our online gallery, all created using material supplied by us here at Bridal Fabrics.

Jocelyn Ivory Chantilly Lace

Using Jocelyn Ivory Chantilly Lace, designer Joanna Leigh created the first long-sleeved gown in our selection. Jocelyn lace fabric is especially delicate, a quality enhanced by the soft fringing that bedecks the asymmetric edges.

With impressive couture appeal, this French Chantilly lace utilizes modern and traditional design elements in glorious combination.


Liliyana ivory sequinned lace

The next long-sleeved gown is from Catriona Garforth Bridal using an unusual ivory sequinned lace called Lilyana.

Absolutely exquisite, this unique lace fabric features alternating columns of beads and sequins which, embroidered onto the wedding dress material by hand, create a visually-stunning and highly-reflective pattern.

Gretel Ivory Guipure Lace

Our final choice, which is a perfect example of the popular boho chic style, was created by E and W Couture using Gretel Ivory Guipure Lace.

The fabric comprises rows of geometric shapes, each banded together and covering the material's entire width. Matching scalloped edges frame this bold, striking design.

Check out these and many more long-sleeved wedding gowns in our gallery!

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