Wedding Gown Trends: All Hail to the Veil!

Often regarded as little more than an add-on to a bridal gown, the veil should instead be an integral part of a whole look. Priyanka Chopra's tulle veiling, which had to be handled by six people, was in fact the focal point of her gown when she married Nick Jonas. Here we share details of two very different yet equally breathtaking tulles supplied by Bridal Fabrics and ideal for making veils.

Emily Deaville Fiesta Black

Wedding Gown Trends: All Hail to the Veil!The first tulle fabric we have chosen is Carnival and, when you check out the vibrant color palette, we think you'll agree that it definitely suits its name. More than 30 color options span right across the spectrum, including delicate pastels like lilac and blush along with vivid, vibrant tones such as jade, orchid and violet.

As there are so many colors to choose from, we have produced a shade card which can be purchased directly from our website for your convenience.

This image shows a bridal veil created by Rosemary Jane Designs using Carnival tulle.

Dramatic, uncon­ven­tional and daring, Fiesta Flock tulle in jet black is extremely visually effective when used as a wedding veil.

Four other colors are available in this bold fabric, which features a repeating pattern of small dots just 3mm each in size. Regular spacing of the dots ensures a harmonious look.

The image shows a bridal veil created by Emily Deaville Costumes using Fiesta flock tulle.

Create showstopping veils with wedding dress material from Bridal Fabrics: check out more tulle options on the website.

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