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Wedding Fabrics and the Four Seasons — Bespoke Style!

We may be almost in October already, but we sun-worshipers here at Bridal Fabrics Headquarters have been running on our own time and have not wanted to give up the summer! But a change in the air has finally brought us crashing back down to earth and so we now officially say goodbye to summer. But don’t be sad because the end of summer means only one thing… SALE TIME!

Yes, you, the delectable designers and beautiful brides-to-be that form our stylish customer base, are to be treated to an End of Season Extravaganza — right in the middle of the season. We have thrown out the rule book and, instead of offering a select range with confusing discounts on different products, we are applying a flat—rate discount to a massive array of some of our most popular, newest and exciting bridal fabrics. Easy as pie (cherry is our favourite).

It isn't just bridal lace that is included in the sale (though there are more than 40 lace styles there!) and you can get your hands on lots of lace trim, appliques, crystal trim and motifs to make sure you gown is embellished to perfection. And with our big discount, which is part-celebration to cheer us all up and part-mourning for the end of another summer, you can really splash out and get 35% more fabric for your money.

Yes, you read it right! You can save 35% on over 100 products in our End-of-Summer Extravaganza; there is something to tempt every bride and, if we know our stuff, there are LOTS of things to tempt every bride so don't blame us if you spend hours browsing to find the perfect one for you! Designers and dressmakers can also take advantage of the flat—rate discount and pass substantial savings on to their customers while still staying in profit — the perfect solution for everyone, particularly as Christmas approaches later in the year.

Ok — we can sense that you are getting restless and want to get to the good stuff! But, where are you going to start? We simply get lost in the sheer beauty and diversity every time we look at the fabrics included in the offer so you're on your own — start exploring NOW and find the fabric of your dreams at a price you can't believe…

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