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Wedding Dress Material: Red for Remembrance

It will soon be Veteran's Day here in the US, when there will be lots of events across the country to pay respect to all those who have given us service in the military. One of the many visual symbols associated with Veteran's Day is the poppy and this iconic flower has inspired us here at Bridal Fabrics to put together a delightful collection of red wedding dress material to inspire you.

Is you're looking for a color that sends a strong, bold message, then it's got to be red. Long associated with love, romance and passion, red is full of intrigue and drama and so is absolutely perfect for making a striking, lasting statement at any marriage ceremony.

Red Lace: Annika

This unique design is especially eyecatching, packed with exciting embroidery that creates a mesmeric pattern of flowers and leaves. These design elements are further enhanced in beauty by the addition of lustrous cording at their outlines; the texture of this cording perfectly complements the lightweight tulle base and identical scalloped edges. For a more embellished version of this style in white or ivory, try Svetlana lace fabric.

Red Lace - Annika

Red Beaded Embroidery Lace: Fleur

The softest, most delicate tulle base is used in this design. Onto this, the designer has painstakingly embroidered  waves of motifs, each composed of a vibrant foliage-and-flowers mix and extending deeply into the body of the material. A final flourish is added with tactile beadwork, completing this unusual design.

Sage Green Lace - Adele

Red Beaded and Corded Lace Appliques: Poppy

Poppy lace appliques are supplied in symmetrical pairs. Starting with a tulle base that is simple to attach by sewing to the wedding gown, the wedding dress embel­lis­hments feature stylish cording teamed with diamant├ęs, beads and pearls, all in that crucial deep red color.

Red Lace Applique - Poppy

There is lots more red wedding dress material here on our website so start discovering today!

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