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Wedding Dress Embel­lis­hments from the Stars!

Do you believe in the Zodiac? Whether you believe the arrangement of the stars and planets can be used to predict your future in the newspaper or think it’s all a bunch of hocus-pocus, it’s hard to deny that there is something evocative, interesting and somehow timeless about the whole deal. So we created our own version of the Zodiac here and are happy to present it to you now:

Aries Crystal Embroidery

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is headstrong and bold, a fact faithfully represented in this large, ornate wedding dress embellishment. At its heart lies a cluster of rich diamantés that form a pretty flower surrounded by radiating waves of pearlised and silver tubular beads. Colorless sequins and silver filigree thread add to the glamorous star quality presented by Aries.

Leo Crystal Embroidery

Hand-embroidered in India onto the finest tulle background, this big and flashy design perfectly captures the romance, drama and luxurious tastes of the true Leo. With a design that perfectly complements the vintage lace look, Leo comprises three floral clusters of diamantés to form its strikingly-asymmetric shape and the embellished fabric features filigree wire, pearls, crystals, sequins and Chenille-type yarn in its creation.

Virgo Crystal Motifs

Bright, clear diamantés form a pretty, feminine design to represent the Zodiac sign of The Maiden. Spherical beads are teamed with tubular beads to create a unique wedding dress embellishment that has beauty, energy and elegance in abundance.

Scorpio Crystal Motifs

Watch out - this one has a sting in the tail! One of the largest crystal motifs we supply, Scorpio is a decadently-shaped wedding dress embellishment and features a host of sequins, pearls and diamantés. Think glam, think glitz - think Scorpio!

Libra Crystal Dress Trim

Libra is the sign of The Scales and this is fittingly an extremely harmonious and well-balanced design. A silver edging decorated with opaque diamantés, silver tubular beads and ivory pearls, Libra is supplied on a tulle base for easy attachment to the wedding gown and is completed with a marching row of silver beads along each edge.

So what’s your sign? Choose from our gorgeous range of Zodiac-inspired wedding dress embel­lis­hments and don’t forget to share your photos and videos with us in our wedding dress online gallery!

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