Choosing Wedding Lace the Cosmic Way!

If you have been struggling to find the perfect wedding dress material and style, the centuries-old practice of astrology could be of assistance. Whether you believe in the zodiac or think it’s all made up, check out our fun fashion guide to the wedding dress fabric styles of your star sign!


Headstrong and passionate, Aries people are true fashion-lovers but prefer to set trends rather than follow them. The creative elements involved with putting together a unique wedding gown that stands out yet is still quite simple in design appeals to the Aries bride, who wants all the focus to be on her and not on the dress! Surprising features such as an open back are perfect but don’t go for excessively embellished fabric.


Taureans love comfort and this has a big influence on clothing choices. This star sign will be thinking of how they can rock down the aisle (and party afterwards!) in a dress that gives them all the freedom they need yet still packs a stylish punch. A simple cutout-style wedding gown is ideal for Taurus with an expert touch of embel­lis­hment for that party feel.


Born under the sign of the twins, Gemini brides are bridal couture chameleons and can mix-and-match fabrics and styles with complete confidence. A dash of sparkle is always a Gemini favourite too. Choose wedding dress fabric that offers a variety of textures and add lace appliqué and crystal embroidery to satisfy that craving! Close-fitting gowns are better than high-volume for this sign as Gemini people never like to feel smothered.


Elegant, elegant, elegant. Brides born under this sign are always drawn to ultra-feminine styles - think Audrey Hepburn or the entire cast of Downton Abbey! Vintage lace styles are definitely suited to you but a contemporary twist will definitely make your gown complete. Strapless, A-line wedding gowns will give the refined silhouette you want and we recommend subtle patterns and ivory lace.

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