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Bridal Lace and Embellished Fabric - Exclusive Offers!

We have got a little bit carried away but we are sure you won’t mind when you discover that we now have more than 20 gorgeous wedding fabrics currently on special, meaning that you really will be spoilt for choice. Don’t forget that you can order samples of our bridal lace and your first two favorites are absolutely free, with compliments of Wedding Dress Fabrics.

With such a vibrant and diverse collection of fabrics on offer, it is hard to choose which to share with you here. As the lucky writer who gets to bring you your regular news updates from the exciting world of bridal couture, I have decided to be selfish for once and pick my own top three favorites - I know you will adore them too!

Crystal Dress Trim - Andromeda

In the mythological tales of Ancient Greece, Andromeda was a princess though the name is now more known for its astronomical significance. Our Andromeda embellished fabric faithfully reflects both of these uses of the word, as it is both regal and star-studded, creating one of the most exciting examples of crystal dress trim in our vast collection. A real statement piece, the material is formed from a carefully-arranged display of silver pearls and tubular beads combined with opaque diamantés and sequins that work artfully together in a dazzling display of reflected and refracted light.

Crystal Embroidery - Diana

A stunning wedding dress embellishment that works perfectly with the vintage lace style, Diana has the wow factor in abundance. Its lunar shape reflects the heritage of Diana, goddess of the moon, and a subtle yet striking interplay of diamantés, pearls and beads has been created by the talented designer. Like all of our crystal embroidery, Diana is supplied on a fine tulle backing for rapid, reliable attachment to the wedding gown.

Ivory Lace - Halle

This is a queen among fabrics and is exclusively available in ivory. Identical borders feature gentle scallops and the body of this exceptional ivory lace is created from connected bouquets of feminine flowers, each embellished with hand-embroidered beads and sequins. Halle is a particular favorite of bridal couture designers, who are making use of its unique texture in ever-more creative ways.

Check out these bridal fabrics along with the rest in the Exclusive Offers collection from Wedding Dress Fabrics.

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