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Wacky Weddings - A VERY Special Wedding Gown!

A bespoke wedding gown can have lots of unique features - but how about a specially shortened hem so you can go SNOWBOARDING while wearing it? That’s just what one bride did in a wild and crazy winter wedding before posting a video of herself and her new husband on YouTube in which they hit the slopes together in full wedding outfits to celebrate their marriage.

Maria Reiland met husband Bob when they were teenagers and they fell in love with snowboarding at the same time as with each other. Maria knew the exact location she wanted to marry in when she visited it on a skiing trip at age 16 and, eleven years later, finally fulfilled her dream at a New York ski resort.

Bob and Maria, both from Cleveland, OH, are completely crazy for snowboarding and even have matching tattoos celebrating their love of the sport. They, along with 35 equally crazy guests, headed downhill straight after the ceremony and Maria said afterwards: “Snowboarding in a dress is not as hard as you would think. When you snowboard both feet are strapped in and you just turn by bending your knees.”

Though it might not be to everyone’s taste, both Bob and Maria had the best day of their lives together. Maria said: “Everyone had a blast, it was one of those weddings where the dance floor was filled all night and Bob looked at each other and agreed that it couldn't have gone any more perfect”.

You can see the couple’s winter wedding video at www.­youtube.­com/­watch?v=­pbqMd0p37EA and let us know what you think! We would also love to hear about your own wacky weddings - send us an email and please include photographs if you can. The best stories and photos will feature in our exclusive newsletter so if you are a designer you could get your name out there with some valuable free advertising. Email us today.

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Images taken from the YouTube clip

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