Trends for 2019: Wedding Tulle

Tulle fabric has always been popular among wedding gown designers but is becoming ever-more so with each passing season. Both big-name fashion houses and independent designers (including Alexander McQueen, YSL, Oscar de la Renta, Rocha, Delpozo and Moschino) are using more and more tulle in their creations and you can get the look for yourself right here at Bridal Fabrics.

Tulle was originally pain­sta­kingly woven by hand from pure silk, two factors that ensured prices remained prohibitive for most ordinary people. A patent for a tulle-weaving machine was granted in 1809 and this, combined with the invention of synthetic fabrics, caused prices to fall and tulle to become more accessible. As acces­sibility increased, so did both the popularity and variety of tulle for bridal wear, evening gowns and lingerie.

Bridal Fabrics currently carry over 20 styles of wedding tulle and here are three of our particular favorites...

Twilight Sequinned Tulle/p> Wedding gown material that features floral motifs and themes will always be around but, during recent seasons, we have noticed more and more abstract designs on the couture runways. Twilight Sequinned Tulle fits perfectly into this category with its big, bold design, comprising a repeating zigzag made up of reflective sequins. Choose from Ivory, Silver or Champagne to create your dream dress.

Phenomenon Silk Tulle

Synthetic fabric is used to make many modern tulle fabrics but Phenomenon takes its cues from traditional design methods and is made using 100% silk. Weighing just five mommy, Phenomenon has a surprisingly firm handle; washing the fabric by hand at 40 degrees will soften this handle and increase drape. This is a particularly wide lace (145") so if you like this fabric but need it to be of reduced size, we recommend Sensation Silk Tulle, which measures 73" in width.

Gia Diamante Tulle

For pure luxurious style, Gia is unmatched in our tulle collection. This stunning Italian fabric has been embellished using four differing sizes of Swarovski diamantes, applied in beautifully-random order to create a breathtaking display of reflected light as the bride moves. Perfect as a wedding gown overlay, this fabric is also ideal for constructing bodices and as a veil.

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