Three Ivory Laces That All Want YOU...

Hands up who likes wedding lace! Put the other hand up too if you like IVORY wedding lace! Well you haven’t got another hand to raise so we are just going to go on the assumption (crazy as it may be) that you would LOVE some new designs of ivory wedding lace to add in to the mix! Very well bride's, step this way. We have some treats for you today.

Ivory is a classic, if not THE classic, wedding gown colour, right up there along with white, In fact, though other colours of lace come and go with fashion, white and ivory lace remain in the top two all-time favorite spots in an uneasy truce, with one being slightly more popular than the other for a time before the position shifts back. Ivory is currently experiencing a peak and so these laces could not have arrived at a better time,

We will waste no more time as the laces, full of personality as they are, have been impatient to be presented since i started writing. In no particular order, the new ivory additions to our extensive collection are:

Ivory corded lace priyaDimitra

Appearing to exist only due to some unknown yet powerful breach in the laws of physics, seemingly held together only by cleverly braided air, this is a hypnotic fabric that creates a sensation way out of proportion to its barely-there physical essence. It is space age yet timeless. Breathtaking doesn't come close!


Black raschel lace maverickAn ivory border lace like DImitra, the two bear only a passing resemblance. This is not to say that Priya does not have its own unique and innate charm, which is presented more subtly than Dimitra yet somehow still maintains a vibrant and distinct charm. Fall for both and you may have a hard time deciding!


Truly living up to its name, Maverick the the wild card who promises an exciting time Ivory corded lace dimitrafrom the word go. Originally considered so dramatic in style that it was exclusively rendered in black, the indomitable Maverick is now available in ivory, offering a softer look. None of the style drama has been taken away in the colour change and Maverick remains as feisty, enticing and evocative as ever.

Two may be a company but three's not always a crowd, as this exquisite ensemble proves. Which is your favorite? We would love to hear your opinions. Get in touch today!

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