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Three Guipure Lace Styles: Choose YOUR Favorite!

For a big, bold impact, there's nothing to beat guipure lace. Bridal Fabrics have many different choices of this inimitable fabric in stock for you to choose from so whether you are a designer or bride-to-be, check out three of our favorites to get you started...

Ivory Guipure Lace: Nina

Guipure lace comes in many different forms and Nina is one of the most striking examples we have in stock. The  identical edges are particularly delicate and provide a frame for a pretty, feminine design which features leaves and flowers in a graceful interlocking pattern.

Ivory Guipure Lace: Emma

To make sure the bride is the centre of attention, this lace is absolutely perfect. Big, bold flower buds create an eyecatching pattern across the lace and are interspersed with smaller buds and surrounded by finely-rendered foliage. The many different elements within the design of Emma guipure lace are designed with harmony and elegance in mind and are framed with delicately-scalloped borders, identical on each side. This design is also available in white.

Ivory Guipure Lace: Spirit

Enchanting and unique, Spirit ivory lace is a classic, timeless example of guipure lace, with its delightful embroidery. Created without a backing, the lace features a complex blend of different shapes which flow together in a truly arresting style to give a paisley-type effect. Embellishment in the form of gorgeous beading is used to outline these shapes, giving a distinctive shimmer to the fabric.

Check out these and more guipure lace styles right here on our website. Enjoy browsing!

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