The Wedding Dress Bride Guide for Spring 2015

If you’re planning on a Spring wedding then you’re going to need our essential checklist to make sure your gown is the most fashionable and beautiful of all. With our fingers firmly on the beating pulse of bridal couture and with the best seats at the runways, here we bring you part one of our Bride Guide for Spring 2015!

Cool Colors

The bride can still blush but not the gown! The bridal couture runways for Spring 2015 were a calming yet exhilarating swirl of cool and subtle colors such as pale blue, light purple and soft grey, with several models turning heads in pistachio green creations.

Get your lace and satin fabric in the perfect trendy Spring color from Wedding Dress Fabrics. We offer a full palette of colors to choose from and the quality of these wedding dress materials is unmatched, meaning you can get the couture dress of your dreams at a seriously competitive price.

30s Glitz and Glam

Formal wedding gowns are being given a glamorous twist with the use of sparkly, glittering fabrics. Ultra-feminine sheaths, draping details and pretty loose sleeves were high on bridal designers’ lists, creating bridal gowns that are quietly elegant yet still the undeniable center of attention.

Start with Sparkle Tulle, a lightweight fabric with diamond-shaped holes and a glittering effect that is available in white or ivory. Then ramp up the luxury with Carla ivory lace, which features a powerfully-striking floral design embellished with diamantés, beads, sequins, pearls and Champagne-colored filigree thread. Need more sparkle? Lose yourself in our heavenly collection of crystal embel­lis­hments and find the perfect vintage charm to add to your bridal gown for Spring 2013 - start with Anya, Barbara, Charleston, Stars, Ruby, Christina or Moondust to begin your own glam discovery.

High or Low?

Whichever way your neckline is heading, make sure it is prepared to go the distance! Necklines for Spring 2015 are either up high or down low but both share a fascination for crystal decoration, enhancing the shape of the dress and catching light playfully.

Crystal trims are a great way to enhance the neckline of a wedding dress though can also be used at the waist or bust. Wedding Dress Fabrics stock the ultimate collection, which includes the luxurious Andromeda crystal dress trim; Andromeda, comprising a mixture of silver tubular beads and pearls with opaque sequins and diamantés, is a mesmerising fabric and has the perfect combination of outright glamour and understated elegance.

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