The Past in the Present — Crafted by Hand

Baby Cot

Weddings and babies have always had a subtle connection, but here it is made blatantly obvious! We were absolutely thrilled recently to receive these photos, which we are equally thrilled to share with you here. We think you’re going to love them but don’t blame us if you end up feeling broody - you have been warned!

We are all about weddings here at Bridal Fabrics but can’t forget that a significant portion of our customers actually use our fabrics for a wide array of other clothing, including that perfect prom gown, something for a theatre show, a fancy dress outfit or a baptismal costume. Lots of our customers use our quality fabrics for craft work too, and that is exactly what mother-and-daughter team Deborah and Olivia do.

The pair like to use their talents to create many different handcrafted items, more of which you can see on their website at Debor­ah­pa­ge­ori­ginals.­webs.­com. But surely the most impressive are these heirloom cribs, each of which is a pure delight and would grace any nursery with its softly imposing yet indubitably welcoming style. Your baby might end up feeling like a king or queen - watch out they don’t start trying to be the ruler of the rumpus room!

Baby Cot

In the photos here, just a teaser of what the duo are capable of achieving, you can see the gorgeous, classic bassinet cradle that looks comfortable enough to sleep in yourself, if only you were small enough. But the granddaddy of them all is the 4-poster design, which is just breathtaking with its lofty height and silk detail.

Neither of these amazing pieces of functional art would be complete without the addition of Eloise lace, a corded design available from us in Ivory, Black or White - each has its own co-ordinating set of appliques and trim to make sure you can achieve a look on sheer harmony. The flowers that make up the design of the lace are so well-placed that they create an entire landscape of visual excitement, which is held neatly in anticipatory check with a large, central flower.

We would like to say a big thank you to Deborah and Olivia - we love your heirloom cots and are sure that our customers will, too. For more info about Eloise, visit the product page and check out our gallery to see wedding gowns made using the delightful, versatile wedding fabric.

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