The Five Fs and How to Get Them

Fine, floaty, feminine and fabulous. All of these words that begin with the letter F are perfect for describing the latest craze in bridalwear which also begins with that letter - feathers! The gorgeous adornments are finding their way onto all sorts of haute-couture garments recently, as well as one or two that have not been very carefully attached finding their way onto the red carpet! If you want an elegant, exciting, bang up-to-date look for your wedding, then check out the Wedding Dress Fabrics selection of feather lace and give in to the Five Fs!

In the animal kingdom, birds don’t just use their feathers for flying with. Having feathers also gives you protection from cold and, more importantly, from water, meaning they can stay dry and warm in their nests even when the weather is raging. The vivid color exhibited in the feathers of many (mostly male) birds is often a means of attracting a mate and humans have, throughout history and across all cultures, always collected and used feathers to adorn themselves.

Adorn yourself and become and angel with one of these beautiful feather laces, or check out our website for even more choices.

Nikita LaceNikita

Choose from white or ivory for the color and enjoy the eye-catching floral design and the light, almost weightless feathers, each of which has been attached by hand using a delightful wedding dress embel­lis­hment such as a bead or pearl. Filigree thread, sequins and a selection of beads in comple­men­tary colors adds further excitement to the unique wedding fabric, which is bordered with a carefully-stitched design.

Chantelle LaceChantelle

Looking like the good-weather clouds in the enchanting sky of a Midwestern day in the deep summer, this is a design that makes you react with a breathless gasp as your eyes alight on one of two embellished wings, which sweep together to form an apex that defines the shape of the wearer in a flattering, regal way. An extra dimension is added with luxurious Champagne filigree thread, which highlights the subtle yet swanky selection of beads and softly-shimmering pearls dotted amongst the smooth, light feathers.

Faye LaceFaye

Faye is an old word that means ‘fairy’ - the perfect name, then, for this lace which could have come straight from the wardrobe of a princess in a Hans Christian Andersen story. Our designer has clearly enjoyed every moment of creating this playful, whimsical feather lace, allowing themselves a free hand in the sequin and bead box and generously sprinkling embel­lis­hments just about everywhere you care to look. Beyond this outwardly-dreamy appearance, however, lies complex and intelligent embroidery that has clearly taken much close and focused attention to perfect.

Check out our full collection of Wedding Lace right here - you will fly down the aisle!

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