The Evolution of Bridal Lace and the Wedding Gown

When you’re in the market for a washcloth, a box of paperclips, a tin of sardines or any other such everyday item, you go out and buy it: simple as that. When it comes to those special items though, like a car, a sofa or your once-in-a-lifetime wedding gown (unless you’re Liz Taylor), then a much longer, more complex but ultimately more enjoyable and rewarding process has to be set in motion.

Our washcloth, paperclips and sardines, though they may be useful and necessary, are not really very interesting and this is because they essentially never change. Items like cars, sofas and wedding gowns are constantly evolving, surprising us at every turn and keeping interest high. Designers just keep finding new ways to use fabrics to ever-more glorious effect and we are right along on the journey with them, sharing our choicest finds with you.

There are two ways to appreciate the evolution of the wedding gown and the fabrics used to create it, both of which offer profound insights into style and can be the perfect way to find the perfect lace for your perfect gown! We think the best way is the New/Old route: this means starting your search with the very newest, most contemporary lace designs and following the trail backwards until you find it.

Bridal Lace and the Wedding GownChoosing awedding lace for your gown is a lot like falling in love and it is a different, personal experience for every woman. For some women, it’s all about having fun and going wild, playing the field a little bit and trying out lots of samples before deciding which lace (or partner!) has all the qualities she wants. For others, a smaller and more exclusive group prevent her from being spoiled for choice though there’s always the chance that the very next lace you look at could be the right one! And, for those lucky few, it is simply love at first sight.

Whatever method brings you and YOUR lace together, it’s going to happen right here on our website and we would like to invite you to start the search right NOW with our newest wedding lace: the delightful, daring, delicious, decadent Dimitra!

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