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Superlative, Superb, Stylish Sequins!

Wedding dress material comes in many different styles but lace with sequins is particularly popular thanks to its eye-catching aesthetic. Sequins can be used in hundreds of different ways and, here at Bridal Fabrics, we stock an exciting and diverse collection. Here are our five current favorites...

Finley Ivory Sequinned Lace

If you're looking for flexibility, Finley sequinned lace is perfect thanks to its lack of borders. Decorated with ivory and translucent sequins, this lace tulle is breat­hta­kingly beautiful

Ivory Sequinned Lace – Finley

Moondust Couture Embroidery

This embroidered wedding dress fabric is available in a selection of colors, each of which creates myriad rainbows as the sequins catch the light. Based on a unique open-weave fabric, Moondust couture embroidery is enhanced further with silver thread

Ivory Glitter Lace - Flora

Esperanze Ivory Sequinned Lace

Perfect for both wedding gowns and stylish evening wear, this delightful lace style features an assortment of flower-shaped and circular sequins

Ivory Sequinned Lace – Esperanza

Lilyana Ivory Sequinned Lace

Colums of beads and sequins repeat in a geometric pattern which has been embroidered solely by hand to create a minimalist yet exuberant designs

Ivory Sequinned Lace – Lilyana

Discover these sequin styles and much more on the Bridal Fabrics website!

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