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Sparkle and Shine with Crystal Dress Trim

Whether it is real or fake, crystal is always especially beautiful and so we find many items made using the substance from ornaments to drinking glasses. Many brides like to add a little spark to the gowns they create; crystal dress trim makes the entire fashionable process simple, exciting and affordable.

crystal-trim-raquel-newsRaquel Crystal Dress Trim

For a sophis­ticated, stylish look, it is well worth taking a closer look at Raquel Crsytal Dress Trim; across its width sit three rectangles, each of which rests against its neighbour without a gap.

Using carefully-selected silver filigree thread, our designer starts the sparkle theme from the off; this is immediately and substantially enhanced by small yet classy diamantes placed at key locations. The combination is breathtaking.

crystal-dress-trim-photon-newsCrystal Dress Trim: Photon

Many words in our language come from the Greek root 'photos', meaning 'light'; the word 'photograph' or 'light-picture' is probably the most common. A 'photon' is a powerfully-charged particle of light, making it the ideal name for one of our best-selling and enduring crystal trim designs.

At first glace, the slim 1cm width seems not to deserve its powerful connotations but one look at the actual piece in strong light will soon change your mind. Arrangements of beads, some small and others larger and tubular in shape, endlessly catch the light, transforming it in hypnotically-attractive ways. With a tulle base, this crystal trim is simple to attach to any area of the wedding gown.

kate-owen-wedding-newsCrystal Dress Trim: Solario

Measuring a full 5cm across, the tulle that forms the base of Solario Crystal Trim offers our designer a large, fresh canvas on which to exercise their creativity.

Taking full advantage of this, the designer has showered the tulle with a mixture of beads and diamantes, creating a unique and elegant piece.

Create the perfect sparkle with crystal dress trim from Bridal Fabrics; browse our full collection today!

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