Sparkle & Shimmer with Glitter Lace Fabric

Who doesn't love a little sparkle?! Glitter adds a magical look to anything it is applied to and this is especially true when it comes to wedding dress fabric. Check out this superlative selection of glitter tulle and glitter lace available to purchase NOW from Bridal Fabrics.

Sparkle & Shimmer with Glitter Lace FabricSparkle & Shimmer with Glitter Lace Fabric

Aveline: Ivory Glitter Lace

This glitter wedding fabric is a brand new addition to our collection but is already making its presence felt. Starting with a divine ivory tulle, our designer has created a mesmeric pattern of swirling shapes, some of which stand proud of the base to produce a breathtaking three-dimensional effect.

Ivory Glitter Lace - Aveline

Doreen: Ivory Glitter Lace

This ivory wedding fabric, which has elegance and class to burn, is also brand new to Bridal Fabrics. The design of this glitterized tulle includes a series of islands: selected islands are 3D, resulting in an abstract wedding ivory lace that screams sophis­tica­tion.

Ivory Glitter Lace - Doreen

Aileen: Ivory Glitter 3D Lace

A modern floral pattern stretches right across the tulle base of this ivory wedding material. For a truly magical touch, the lace fabric boasts gorgeously-glitterized 3D details in both ivory and silver colors.

Ivory Glitter Lace - Aileen

Nirvana: Ivory Glitter Lace

An ivory lace fabric emblazoned with a seriously eye-catching design, Nirvana features artis­tic­ally-asymmetric edges and superb sequin embel­lis­hment. Sprinkled onto this beautiful design is a handful of silver glitter, which catches the light in an infinite variety of ways.

Ivory Glitter Lace - Nirvana

Donaldina: Ivory Glitter Lace

Fabulously-feminine, Donaldina wedding lace is emblazoned with big, bold and dramatic floral motifs. To appreciate this material fully, you have to see and feel it for yourself: order a free sample today and get ready to be amazed!

Ivory Lace - Donaldina

To discover these and many more styles of glitter wedding fabric, check out our website!

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