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Shine Bright like a Sequin

Z may be the last letter of the alphabet but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less important than the rest! The letter features in four of our newest laces, each of which is embellished with gorgeous sequins to create fabrics with an exciting, extra-special look. So let’s begin the glittering roll-call…

pink-sequinned-tulle-zainabZainab Pink Sequinned Lace

Pink is a great alternative to white or ivory, delivering a punch of colour that will get everyone’s attention. A nude tulle base gives the perfect backdrop for a riot of pink sequins and beads, which stand out individually as well as working as part of a harmonious, balanced group.

ivory-sequinned-tulle-esperanzaEsperanza Ivory Sequinned Lace

If you ask people what shape a sequin is, almost all of them will say circular. This turns out to be only part of the true picture though, as Esperanza lace will quickly reveal! As well as featuring sequins in the traditional round shape, Esperanza lace also has sequins in the shape of flowers, which add something extra special to the design.

Ivory & Silver Chantilly Lace - NatashaLuz Ivory Sequinned Lace

Though absolutely dripping with sequins, Luz ivory lace has an especially lightweight feel to it. The drape is rich and full, with a pleasing ‘swish’ sound when it is moving. The lace measures a full 53” in width and has the ability to team with many other fabrics offering a versatile solution for those brides who find it hard to choose their favourite designs.

blush-beaded-lace-zionZion Blush Sequinned Lace

Rendered in a subtle blush colour, this is one of our most exciting new lace designs. It is richly decorated with sequins; it appears that our designer got just a little bit carried away and couldn’t stop adding more and more; luckily, there is no real limit to how many sequins you can add as they are so beautiful. The designer even found room to add some pearls as a finishing touch.

Check out our latest designs and see which is your favorite…

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