Popular Lace Designs: Three of the Best

Looking through our archives, we have selected three of the most popular wedding lace designs to showcase. Each of these glorious examples of wedding dress material boasts an unrivaled appeal, which has ensured their continued presence in our all-time top designs.

ivory-corded-lace-sarah-newsIvory Corded Lace: Sarah

If ever there was a truly classic wedding dress material design, then this is it. A trio of floral motifs is heavily corded and shaded, producing a stunning array of different textures and giving Sarah lace its unique character.

Identical borders, softly scalloped, frame the dramatic design and are themselves comprised of beautiful floral bouquets. This evocative design is also available in classic white and there is a matching set of comple­men­tary lace appliqués available to heighten the aesthetic further.

ivory-lace-shakira-newsBeaded Ivory Lace: Shakira

The name 'Shakira' is derived from an Arabic word meaning 'thankful', which you most certainly will be if you choose this dazzling design! Embroidered entirely by hand in India, this is an especially-wide lace design that gets its visual appeal in a variety of ways including through the use of beadwork and embroidery.

Sparkle is provided with sequins and diamantés, which ensure a dramatic yet harmonious effect. This is further enanched with a frame of gently scalloped borders.

katherine-ivory-lace-newsIvory Raschel Lace: Katherine

When it was originally introduced to our customers, Katherine ivory lace proved to be an instant hit and its popularity has not dipped since. Immediately attractive and eye-catching, this sumptuous design comprises a riot of feminine, pretty floral bouquets that run throughout the body of the lace.

The background is a work of art in itself, created as it is from a variety of weave sizes to produce a tactile, delicate aesthetic. Katherine was originally available in ivory and classic white but, for those who prefer something a little more individual, it is now available with a rich and vivid gold coloration.

Check out the beauty of these designs on the product pages and, if you want to try before you buy, then please do not hesitate to order a sample absolutely free. Our sample swatches are generously sized in order to allow you to appreciate their fine quality properly.

These three laces can all be immediately purchased from stock and you can order by length or full roll. Enjoy browsing through these favorite examples of wedding dress material and get in touch with our expert team for the most competent advice and detailed information.

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