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Pick a Favorite... If you Can!

Our expert fabric sourcing team knew that their latest trip to Paris had been a particularly productive one. Two of the laces they brought back, Porsha and Kiri, were predicted to make a big splash when they were introduced here on our website but nobody could have predicted just how big a splash that would be…

We received lots of emails from all over the place, each demanding to know when their favorite fabric would be available to order. It was pretty much a 50-50 split when it came to which of the pretty pair you liked best and many of you couldn’t decide on a favorite at all as both were so different.

After calling in a few favors, we have managed to exclusively secure delivery of both Porsha and Kiri lace and you can order yours today! We can’t wait to see the wedding gowns and any other garments you create with these beautiful new designs.

Ivory Embroidered Lace: Porsha

The dream of being a fairytale bride takes a step closer to reality with Porsha ivory lace. Fine, light and nebulous, the lace still has a heavy drape that adds a touch of regal beauty.

One of the latest looks on the haute couture runways is big, bold floral embel­lis­hments and Porsha ivory lace features 3d blooms that are designed to be admired. Each flower is perfectly placed and the whole look is one of classic sophis­tica­tion with a contemporary twist.

Ivory Embroidered Lace: Kiri

If you like luxury then you’ll LOVE Kiri ivory lace, which has that quality in abundance. A hypnotic mesh of lace forms a unique design which will help create the perfect silhouette; the bold, repeating pattern of lines defining shape.

Carefully interwoven, floral motifs soften the geometric lines and bring a harmony to the lace that is truly remarkable. The modern is thus made vintage, creating a look that is uniquely charming.

So, which is YOUR favorite? Check out both designs and let us know.

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