Our Premium Wedding Lace Collection — A Touch of Luxury

Your wedding day is uniquely-special and you deserve a little (or a lot!) of luxury. If you are a bride-to-be with premium tastes, then you are going to simply adore the tempting collection of luxurious lace available from Wedding Dress Fabrics!

Gold Lace —  Orla and Orkney

This beautiful pair are both stunning examples of genuine Chantilly lace, designed and fabricated in Northern France. The tulle of each lace is colored a sumptuous, regal gold while detailing is added using a fine golden thread. With asymmetric edges - one straight-edged and the other with a gentle scallop, these gold laces are designed to make a statement and represent the finest in our collection.

Ivory Lace —  Serenity

Another fine French Chantilly lace, Serenity is extremely lightweight and diaphanous. A variety of shading effects adorn the body of the design while exquisite corded floral bouquets add excitement and texture. Our customers love the excep­ti­onally soft handle of Serenity ivory lace, which comes from an above-average viscose content.

White Lace  —  Zoe

This is one of our more unusual designs, created for brides who want to be the centre of attention. A cascade of pretty flowers, each of which is formed from satin and embellished with a glittering diamanté, adorn Zoe lace, along with an expertly-placed selection of tubular beads embroidered onto the fabric using metallic filigree thread for added sparkle. Finishing touches include softly-embroidered flower buds, a decorative feminine fringe, embellished fabric border and scalloped edges.

Black Lace —  Kate

One of the four laces used to create Kate Middleton’s iconic wedding gown, this is an evocative bridal lace with classic Chantilly shading. With a composition containing 78% pure cotton, Kate is a magnificent choice and features complex floral garlands marching boldly across an open tulle ground towards the single scalloped edge.

These are just some of the premium bridal laces available from us today. Please enjoy checking out more of the collection and keep on lovin’ the luxury with Wedding Dress Fabrics!

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